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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to any person using E-Bike Safaris Ltd equipment. You are responsible for all the equipment supplied and accept financial liability for all members of the party using the equipment. ‘Equipment’ refers to all items provided by E-Bike Safaris.

  2. An initial deposit of 30% of the total quotation will need to be received to confirm any bookings for hire and tours.

  3. Full Payment of rental charges will be required 7 days prior to the rental date or on booking.

  4. Full Payment of tour charges will be required 4 weeks prior to the tours start date or on booking.

  5. A damage Deposit is required prior to hiring equipment in the form of an open credit card voucher, which will be surrendered upon return of the equipment in a satisfactory condition. You confirm that you will be responsible for the payment of any damage caused because of any loss of control whilst cycling, or loss of equipment if the bikes are not locked to a fixed object through the frame and wheels (proof of lock breakage is required for any insurance claim). Full receipts and invoices will be made available to support these charges.  E-Bike Safaris Ltd will not be held responsible for any mechanical failure due to any adjustments made to the e-bike by a customer.

  6. Proof of identification in the form of a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, must be provided upon receiving the equipment. A photograph will be taken of you and the hired equipment on delivery of the e-bikes.

  7. Cancellation of Bike Rentals and 1 day tours: Should you need to cancel your bike rental or single day tour booking, refunds will be provided as follows: 

    • At least 1 week prior to the agreed booking date - full refund less 5% administration fee

    • Between 3 to 7 days prior to the agreed rental date - 60% refund

    • Less than 3 days before the agreed rental date – no refund will be provided.

  8. Cancellation of multi-day Tours: Should you need to cancel your multi-day tour booking, refunds will be provided as follows: 

    • 2 months or more prior to the Tour start date - full refund less 5% administration fee

    • 1 month or more prior to the Tour start date - 60% refund

    • Less than 1 month prior to the Tour Start Date – no refund will be provided.

  9. You declare that each member of your group is in good health and not suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect their ability to ride a bike.

  10. You confirm all members of the group are competent cyclists, can use gears correctly and at least one member of the group can fix a puncture.

  11. You are 18 years of age or older and any members of your group under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult (minimum age to legally ride an e-bike is 14 years).

  12. You and your party members understand that cycling carries an element of risk and accept that anyone using E-Bike Safaris Ltd equipment do so at their own risk.  E-Bike Safaris cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injury to or death of any member of the hiring group or a third party. We strongly recommend you have personal injury and 3rd party insurance cover. By signing the rental agreement, you confirm that you are satisfied with the condition of the equipment and that it is fit for purpose. You also agree to:

    • Follow the highway code

    • Control your speed and apply brakes in good time, especially in poor weather conditions

    • Not ride on pavements unless signs indicate you may do so

    • Not ride under the influence of alcohol or any medication that could affect your ability to ride safely

    • Politely alert pedestrians as you approach them from behind and take extra care when passing horses

    • Be courteous to all other road users at all times

  13. We strongly advise the wearing of helmets whilst cycling. All riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet whilst cycling.

  14. You understand that in the event of a mechanical failure other than punctures, E-Bike Safaris Ltd will offer a breakdown service for the hired equipment (contact via E-Bike Safaris Ltd phone number) but E-Bikes Safaris will not be able to use the company vehicle to transport the individual due to insurance constraints.

  15. This Agreement is covered by English Law. E-Bike Safaris Company Number 14591957

Up-dated 20th November 2023

Terms & Conditions (for bike repairs and servicing)

Any faulty parts will be quoted before repair or replacement but will not be covered under the normal service packages.

Any information supplied & support provided is in good faith and reflects reasonable care & skill.

All work carried out in accordance with recognised commercial practice & standards in the cycle industry.

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