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Bike Hire

Delivered to your door in the Lake District

Electric Bike Hire
Summer special offer: £5 per bike discount for bookings of 4 or more bikes if booking recieved in June - discount code: 4EBIKES

Convenient, fun and environmentally friendly transport around the Lake District.

One day or multi day E-Bike Rentals with the bikes delivered to you and tailer made routes provided! Alternatively, check out our 'E-Bike Tours' page.

The Hybrid Touring E-Bikes provided by E-Bike Safaris are suitable for all cyclists (age 14+ years) irrespective of your fitness. We have carefully chosen them for their comfortable riding position suited to leisure riding across various terrains.  If you can ride a bike then you can ride an E-Bike.

The Bosch PowerTube batteries provided on our touring bikes enable rides of up to 100 miles per charge, depending on the level of pedal assistance desired. Batteries can be removed from the bike for ease of charging overnight.

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Inclusive Services provided by E-Bike Safaris

  • Convenience: Delivery and collection of E-Bikes to your accommodation.

  • Support: Full orientation of the equipment during handover, along with proposed cycle routes capturing scenic cycle trails, local attractions, walks, other leisure activities, cafés, shops and restaurants.

  • Included accessories: Provision of an extensive range of accessories for your convenience, including a strong integrated rear bike rack, panniers, bike locks, bike lights, high vis straps and phone mounts on handlebars for navigation. We also have helmets available if you do not bring your own.  We request everyone to wear a helmet when riding.

  • Sustainable approach: We are committed to promoting a cleaner and greener future through the promotion of cycling. E-Bikes emit no exhaust fumes and create no noise. If you choose to arrive on public transport then E-Bike Safaris can help organize all your transfer needs.

Hybrid E-Bike Step Through

Hybrid E-Bike Crossbar


Bike Size Guide:

These are approximate size guides only – please do contact us if you have any queries

Small: Riders under 5’ 6” inches / 168 cm tall

Medium: Riders between 5’ 7” and 5’ 11” / 170 cm and 180 cm

Large: Riders over 6' / 182 cm


Deliveries are charged at £0.35 per mile from Kendal, each delivery covers up to 9 bikes including accessories (one charge for 1 to 9 bikes), delivered on our tailor-made trailer to your accommodation.

Hybrid Electric Bike Rental Prices

(minimum age 14 years accompanied by an adult):

  • 4+ Days Hire: £39 per day

  • 3 Days Hire: £44 per day

  • 2 Days Hire: £49 per day

  • 1 Day Hire: £55

Electric Tricycle

(minimum age 14 years accompanied by an adult):

  • 4+ Days Hire: £35 per day

  • 3 Days Hire: £39 per day

  • 2 Days Hire: £45 per day

  • 1 Day Hire: £50

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment available for rental include bike trailers, tag-along bikes for children, and child's bike seats. 

Child's Trailer (2 seater)

E-Bike Safaris Tag-Along image.jpg

Child’s Tag-A-Long

Child Bike Seat

Additional Equipment Rental Prices:

  • Child’s Trailer (minimum age 1 year, seats up to 2 children): Per day hire: £20

  • Child’s Tag-a-long (approx. age range 4 – 8 years): Per day hire: £15

  • Child's Bike Seat (the child must be a minimum of 1 year old, able to support themselves in a sitting position and be a maximum weight of 20kgs): Per day hire £5

Bike Hire Form

Rental Booking Enquiry Form

Please note this is an enquiry only.

Bookings can be confirmed once E-Bike Safaris have checked availability and responded with a full quotation.

If you need any assistance, please call Phil on 07930 869351

This form is only required to be completed by one member of each party.

Remember to claim your 5% "Go Car Free" discount if you are arriving by public transport.

Read our full Terms and Conditions here:

Rental Booking Enquiry Form

Address and postcode of property where bikes are to be delivered:

Thank you for submitting your enquiry.
Please note this is an enquiry only.
Bookings will be confirmed once E-Bike Safaris have checked availability and responded with a full quotation.

On Delivery of the Bikes

  • Orientation of the bike and equipment will be provided

  • E-Bike Safaris will provide suggested cycle routes

  • Confirmation of collection date and time of the rented equipment

  • Signing of the Equipment Rental Agreement

  • Photo ID and Credit Card details will be required for the deposit in case of damage to or loss of equipment

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